This past week developed a UTI and kidney infection which caused me such intense pain I could barely function. I was put on antibiotics and strong pain killers. Three days later the pain was still not completely gone. Trinity offered to try quantum touch healing on me. When she placed her hands on the infected area my abdomen felt like it was on fire. It felt as though the pain was coming to the surface of my skin. As Trinity breathed out her hands and my abdomen became cool and the pain was instantly gone. It is now a day later and I am still pain free. I will not only use this practice again but would highly recommend Trinity to anyone that is suffering from any pain, injury or ailment. Thank you so much for sharing your energy with me so that I could heal my body. 🙂 – Lisa Lance January 2018 Testimonial

Whether you have a physical pain or imbalance, anxiety or stress related mental concern, just want to experience an instant dreamlike state of deep relaxation or any combination of these, I invite You to experience the benefits of hands on energy healing for Yourself.

Quantum energy healing focuses on giving the body back its energy balance in order to facilitate healing at a deep level. Advocates of energy healing believe, it extends beyond physical healing. They believe that you can better deal with circumstances in your life, such as relationships, your job, and money.

The main idea behind energy healing is that the human body has the natural ability to heal itself. Every person has a different experience with healing, pain, and the relation with his or her own body.

Some of the many short, and long term benefits to energetic healing are listed here:
Stress reduction, relief from anxiety and negative thoughts
A reduction in physical pain
Relief from emotional traumas
Faster recovery time from injury or sickness
Higher energy and enthusiasm
Deep relaxation
Better sleep
A release from energy blocks in the mind, spirit, and body
Relaxation of muscle spasms
Stabilization of mood
Reduction or elimination of depression
Peace and well being
A sense of joy
Self confidence
Clarity in your purpose in life

You can trust in Trinity’s gift as an energy healer to allow shifts to take place at a deep level of your being. She taps into the quantum field, guides, and angelic beings to allow healing. She is also a level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

You alone are responsible for your internal and external health. That being said, assisting Your body to come into alignment with higher frequencies to aid and encourage healing, is a beautiful thing.

The process: You lay down, relax, breathe and allow Yourself to settle into the sounds, smells and bliss that awaits you. Trinity will bathe you in higher vibrations and frequencies, with hands on touch, to soothe and calm your body, mind and auric field, in order to awaken the healing and balancing that is most beneficial at this time. Crystal singing bowls, essential oils, or palo santo, may be used to aid this process of deep relaxation, and awaken your ability to receive.

To Book an appt with Trinity as an energy practitioner please email or you can call 705.205.4688

48 hours cancellation policy. Please honour this policy out of respect for each other. Thank you. Session will be owing and/or lost if less than 48 hours is given.

Trinity employs a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness.

You have an opportunity to experience Sacred Amazonian Medicines during your session if you wish. You can find out the benefits of  Rapé and Sananga here.

“For years I have experienced the benefits of Trinity’s touch. In a technological world where feelings of loneliness and isolation are rampant, physical touch connects us like nothing else.”

– Adam Grin January 2018

Today I had my first energy session with Trinity. I had no idea what to expect. My experience was incredible. Trinity makes you feel very comfortable. Her energy is so calm, intuitive and wise. I am drawn to her warmth and confidence. The session encompassed my whole body in waves of calm, heat and a lightness year felt like floating. I went in heavy with the responsibilities of my world and left feeling almost euphoric. I would highly recommend trying this unique experience. – Jaclyn Singer, September 2018

I have been the grateful recipient of Trinity’s energy healing. I was suffering from a very painful, lower back issue. I had been receiving acupuncture for almost 6 weeks when I started energy healing sessions with Trinity. The ambiance in the room was peaceful and Trinity explained the process clearly and answered my numerous questions with patience. 
After just 3 sessions my back was feeling better. I was able to sit down, stand up and most importantly do a yoga flow without pain! 
It has been about 5 months since Trinity helped me and my back hasn’t irritated me again. 
Thank you Trinity 💜  – Katie Wilmshurst September 2019

Muskoka Hot Yoga is by far one of my favorite places in Huntsville. It is so much more than a place to workout, it is a community and a safe place to let everything go and focus on yourself. Trinity involves each yogi to the fullest and welcomes whoever walks through the door with open arms. I had the pleasure of having Trinity work on me both in Yoga and during an energy healing session. Trinity was able to read my energies beautifully and help guide me along the path of healing. During these times I immediately felt more grounded, stable and secure. I am already looking forward to booking another session with her. Trinity truly has a gift and I would highly recommend anyone going to see her! Thank you, Trinity – Heather Amy, May 2019

I had the fortunate opportunity of having Energy Healing with Trinity twice in the past month. The visions I had during the process were incredibly beneficial from a life perspective, and provided a strong sense of grounding along with a new perspective on old patterns. Thank you! – Christina Curts, July 2019

I wanted to thank Trinity for encouraging me to try a healing session with her. This past winter I had a ski injury that resulted in a few weeks of a painful shoulder.
If you haven’t been to MHYoga for energy healing you should check it out. The room is warm, comforting, with candles and salt lamps that lead you right to a peaceful state.
My hour long session was truly amazing. I could feel waves of energy leaving my body, almost in a ripple effect. A few times I had some unexpected arm jolts due to energy shifting, but the comfort of being in Trinity’s hands made the whole experience calm through out.
After, my shoulder moved better and I had an incredible sleep.
If you have any form of pain, a feeling of blockage, I would definitely recommend a session or a few in the hands of Trinity .🙏🏼
Thank you again, – Jennifer Gilroy July 2019

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